10296646_748904725152049_3374854878727965546_nAt Sport Fishing Texoma, we specialize in catching Striper.

A cousin of the White Bass, Striped Bass were first stocked in Lake Texoma by the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation in 1965. They began spawning in 1974.

Free-flowing current in the Red River and naturally occurring mineral salts in the soil surrounding and under the lake makes Texoma one of the few lakes in Texas with a self-sustaining population of Striper and one of only eight inland freshwater reservoirs worldwide where this species has spawned. In the lake, Striper can mature at 15-20 lbs, giving Lake Texoma the title of Striper Capital of The World.

You can find more than 70 species of fish at Texoma, and according to Texas Parks & Wildlife, the lake is also an excellent spot for Smallmouth Bass and Blue Catfish.

See bag and size limits for Lake Texoma.