Wild Weekend

My wife Gail and I pulled out from the boat dock and headed out Saturday morning. I immediately noticed on my Lowrance sonar that the bottom of the lake just lit up with what looked like a giant school of fish. I hadn’t seen a school like this before, and I couldn’t quite figure out what they were. It had to be a giant school of stripers. And I mean GIANT SCHOOL!

image-3Then a striper knocked a gizzard shad out of the water. Oh yea, I pulled out the top water rods. I sent the pencil popper sailing, and in no time, I had a big striper on. They were all big, have mercy. I put a 30” in the box, then a couple of others and started letting overs go.

The action was fast and furious. It lasted about 30 minutes, in the marina no doubt, so we trolled outside the marina. We picked up a 32” 11 pounder and called it a day at 8 am.

WOW! What a morning. It doesn’t get that good very often. Sunday I headed out to check some new spots but no dice. They weren’t there. Checked Washita Point, no dice. Sooooo I headed out to old faithful.

I got my trolling rigs going and it wasn’t long before fish on. I got a 28″ right off the bat and put him in the live well. I got a few box fish and then the big fish started. I must have let 10 fish over 20 inches go. I got a 25″ at about 11 am and put him in the box and called it a day.

What a weekend! Lots of work done on the boat slip and some terrific fishing.

Till next time!
Captain Kurt










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