Sand Bass Action

Anybody who has fished Lake Texoma knows the struggles the past year and a half with the floods. The fishing is just now getting back and the striper bite is hit and miss. The good is that fishing for Sand Bass is out of this world and I’m catching 3 pounders on a regular basis. That is a big sand bass. Blue Cats and Channel Cats are still good if not great so there is still a lot of fishing to do. The Sand Bass have a good pattern right now and there seems to be more and more stripers mixed in with them lately. I found the big Stripers 4-12 pounds one day off West Burns run schooling. It was fantastic action as the school was blowing up the water for about 20 minutes. So there is still some good action out there folks so lets go fishing!



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Fall Fishing

The fishing over the summer was fantastic. It almost seems like the bite has been running a month behind what is normal, and of course the lake turning over in September made for some tough conditions.

October has brought some fantastic fishing, though. The stripers are everywhere right now. Big fish are spotty but the box fish are showing up in big numbers and the top water bite has not started on a consistent pattern yet. November looks to be a big month for Lake Texoma, so go ahead and book your trip now!

Stripers are congregating on flats and in ditches, and it doesn’t take long to get a limit when you find the fish. Live bait seems to be the best, but lures with the old faithful Chartreusee Sassy Shad are scoring as well.

Last weekend we had a family get together at the lake and I took my niece Tiffany and her husband Austin out. The sun came up and the stripers turned on. The best one Tiffany caught, of course, and it was a nice 22” striper. (Tiffany and Austin are opening a yoga studio, 3Tree Yoga, in Fort Worth this fall, so check them out if you’re nearby.)

All in all it was a great weekend, especially with our granddaughter Kat on her first trip to the great Lake Texoma. Thanks to Austin for capturing all of these great photos of our time at the lake!





The catch of the day went to my niece Tiffany with a 22″ striper.


Not a bad haul for the day.


I’m pretty sure that’s the face I make when I’m frying up some striper, Katherine.


Katherine also made best friends with Tiffany and Austin’s one-eyed rescue Greyhound, Lark.



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Wide Open Spaces

Recently, Captain Kurt was featured as the Texas Fishing Guide of the Week by Wide Open Spaces. The site highlighted the world-class Stripers at Lake Texoma and Sport Fishing Texoma as well as an interview with the captain himself.

Check out the interview to learn more about Captain Kurt, including his favorite place to fish, his favorite species to fish, and his advice for clients and aspiring fishing guides.





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SEC Aggie Day

Fishing has been good for the big fish the last month or so and this past Sunday was no exception. I had a couple of young guys show up in their Aggie gear which is right up my alley. Most of my family has either graduated from A&M or attended. Me graduating high school in College Station came with a lot of Sundays on Kyle Field playing tackle football.

I started off at 6:15 am with my usual troll of Preston Point. No fish, uh oh. I usually pick up some good fish there. Sooooooo, we headed to West Burns Run. We started marking fish like crazy but no takers. Now come on, what is the deal? We turned and trolled with the wind which seemed to be the prepared direction for the bite.

We got to the end of the troll and BAM, big fish on. We got it up to the boat and I knew we needed to net this one. I got the bruiser in the net and the excitement built. This was his first Striper ever and it was 32” and 12 pounds. Man was he ruined, a box fish is going to look small with this one.

We trolled some more and picked up a nice 27” 8 pounder. Now both of the guys are ruined. We ended the day with a limit of overs and some nice box fish. Wind picked up to 24mph and made the day a little rough on Texoma. But we had a great time. Till next time, let’s do this!

Gig ’em,
Captain Kurt



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Boat Dock Neighbors and Cards

Headed out to the Texoma boat dock Friday evening to get ready for the weekend activities. Gail and I were going to fish a little Saturday morning before heading out to play the Choctaw Casino noon poker tournament. The wind was supposed to be 20 mph, so we weren’t going to venture out far.

During the evening, Madeline, our 7th grade dock neighbor, said she was interested in going with us. Madeline is always fishing at the dock and is going to be a big-time fisher lady someday. I told her just be ready at 6:30 am, and I think she was ready at 5:30 am.

Needless to say, she was excited. We headed out and I started with one of my better areas, and it didn’t take long before we had a nice fish on. Madeline started reeling, and it was a pretty good fish. I helped her a little to get it. Sure enough it was a 27″ 6 pound Striper. A good fish in anybody’s book.

We trolled some more with my Captain Mack’s Umbrella Rigs and picked up another nice 23″ Striper. I wanted to check the Eisenhower cliffs to see if there were any fish there and it was out of the wind. Well, no fish, nada. So we took it in to the boat house.

After some pictures, I cleaned the fish for Madeline and her family and Gail and I head out to Choctaw. I’m thinking Madeline is hooked on Striper fishing even more now.

I ran into some bad luck at the poker table and Gail and my buddy Jim finished 7th and 8th in the tournament and had a nice payday. Soooo, till next time we’ll see what lies ahead.

Captain Kurt





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Wild Weekend

My wife Gail and I pulled out from the boat dock and headed out Saturday morning. I immediately noticed on my Lowrance sonar that the bottom of the lake just lit up with what looked like a giant school of fish. I hadn’t seen a school like this before, and I couldn’t quite figure out what they were. It had to be a giant school of stripers. And I mean GIANT SCHOOL!

image-3Then a striper knocked a gizzard shad out of the water. Oh yea, I pulled out the top water rods. I sent the pencil popper sailing, and in no time, I had a big striper on. They were all big, have mercy. I put a 30” in the box, then a couple of others and started letting overs go.

The action was fast and furious. It lasted about 30 minutes, in the marina no doubt, so we trolled outside the marina. We picked up a 32” 11 pounder and called it a day at 8 am.

WOW! What a morning. It doesn’t get that good very often. Sunday I headed out to check some new spots but no dice. They weren’t there. Checked Washita Point, no dice. Sooooo I headed out to old faithful.

I got my trolling rigs going and it wasn’t long before fish on. I got a 28″ right off the bat and put him in the live well. I got a few box fish and then the big fish started. I must have let 10 fish over 20 inches go. I got a 25″ at about 11 am and put him in the box and called it a day.

What a weekend! Lots of work done on the boat slip and some terrific fishing.

Till next time!
Captain Kurt










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Fishing Texas Style

What a crazy couple of weeks fishing with new and old friends and family. It started off Saturday, May 17, 2014, with my cousin Sam Singleton and his 2 boys and maybe a future son in law. Who knows?


My cousin Sam Singleton and his two boys (and maybe a future son-in-law??) came out to Texoma to Fish May 17th.

We headed out to my trolling spot that has produced some really nice fish. We weren’t there long and the action started. The stripers hit the trolling rigs with a really strong punch and start peeling drag.

The boys started bringing them in and of course the talking got intense as to who was going to end up with the biggest fish. Well it ended up Samuel, I believe, with a nice 26” striper and some nice fish caught by all. Great to see Sam again!

Sunday – Wide World of Fishing
Sunday, Gary Hartley and Dimitri from Moscow, Russia, came out as Dimitri wanted to fish Lake Texoma for stripers while he was in Texas for business. Dimitri has fished all over the world for just about everything but never stripers. We wouldn’t disappoint.

We headed out to my trollilng spot as the shad kill has really affected the bait fishing. Everybody is down to using Shiners and it is producing mostly small fish. Trolling, on the other hand, has been producing monster fish. Thus, I’m trolling mostly.

On arrival I set out the trollilng gear and it didn’t take long. Dimitri wants to do catch and release as he is a great sportsman. The 24″ and 26″ start to hit and we are having a great time pulling in some nice fish. I wanted to check another spot and we headed out to drown some shiners. We picked up one small fish and so we headed for the marina but stopped at my big fish spot on the way.

Good thing we did. I dropped my rigs down into my big fish hole and added some gas. About that time I saw a big fish on the screen. I told Gary, “If we catch this one it will be a big one!” Gary asks, “How far is that fish from the rigs?” I said it should be there just about BAM! Big fish on.


Dimitri sure caught his share of Stripers.

Dimitri grabbed the pole and the fight was on. I had to maneuver the boat to gain ground on the fish and we finally got the striper in the boat. A 33” and 12 ½ pound striper had everybody high fiving. What a way to end a day of fishing with a great sportsman!

Memorial Day Weekend
I reserved this past weekend for family and working on the dock. I took Friday off and my son John and I ran out to Texoma at 8 am. Once again headed out to my trolling spot and fish on. From the get go we were pulling in nice fish. We put two 29” stripers and a 24” in the live well, but we should have thrown the 24” back.

We released a number of 29” fish looking for a big one. John had a 29” and a 25” on the same rig while I had a 27” on the other. It was crazy. I think we cleaned 8 fish and let a bunch of 29” and other big fish go. It was a great day.

Saturday was my daughter Rachel’s turn. We headed out again and had a pretty good day with some nice fish caught. We kept a few and I believe the biggest was 27”. Good day of fishing and then some good work done on the dock.

Sunday Rest / Monday Crazy
I headed out Monday to try a different spot. Man was it the right decision. First one, 34” and 11 pounds. Then another 30”, then another, then another. Oh man, this is crazy. I’m letting 30” fish go and the only one in the boat. Then I land a 25” and 24” on the same rig. I finish up with a 21” and take my 34” and 30” to the dock. What a day, it was a ton of fun and the guys drowning minnows should have been trolling.

So till next weekend, I believe I’m taking Kennedy and his daughter out next Saturday. Report to follow.

Dimitri, Gary and I did ok trolling last weekend.

Dimitri, Gary and I did ok trolling last weekend.

John and I put two 29” stripers and a 24” in the live well.

John and I put two 29” stripers and a 24” in the live well.

Rachel's first catch of the day was a nice 21" Striper.

Rachel’s first catch of the day was a nice 21″ Striper.

Posted a boat record with this 34" Striper on Memorial Day.

Posted a boat record with this 34″ Striper on Memorial Day.



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